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Technology has become very important in our lives. Now, traveling is much easier with the help of applications that tell us where to go, book hotels and know places that will make our trip easier. That’s why we want to share with you 5 apps that will help you have an incredible experience during your trip.


It is a meeting point for thousands of travelers, where they share their experiences and recommendations. In each section we can consult the testimonials of those who have already been there. In this way, we will know an opinion, as well as a valuation of restaurants and accommodations as well as the points of interest themselves.


Nowadays, it seems essential to record every minute and every experience. Thanks to this application we can create incomparable photographic compositions.

Around me

Thanks to its locator, it is able to identify where we are and offer us the available options for what we need. Hotels, hospitals, theaters, places to park and a long etcetera accompanied by opinions of other users.

Wikitude Drive

Wikitude Drive is one of the most popular travel apps among all those that exist. It is especially suitable for those who do not speak the local language of the city they are visiting and for those who prefer not to interact with anyone or who are embarrassed to ask questions.

With it we will have the opportunity to learn more about what surrounds us. Just use the cell phone camera and the application will locate where we are and give us relevant information about everything around us.


The main application on a cell phone. A very accurate application in helping you locate a place you want to go and is also very punctual in providing a time of arrival. It is also one of the most updated that gives you all the information of the moment.

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