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Guatemala is a country with many world renowned tourist sites. However, it has several beautiful little known places that deserve more worldwide recognition.

Here are some places you should visit when you come to Guatemala.

The Sierra de los Cuchumatanes is located in the north of the country, crossing from Huehuetenango to Quiché. It is the highest non-volcanic elevation in Central America and owes much of its territory and its highest plateau to the Sierra Madre. The climate is cold and humid and it is an ideal region for national parks, recreation, wildlife and protection of hydrographic accounts.

The mountains of this sierra are part of the oldest sedimentary rock core in the country and Central America. Its climate is generally cold, although in summer the weather becomes temperate.  It is a peaceful place surrounded by nature, forests, and local herds. The adventure is an ascent to the heights, where you can spend a pleasant moment at the Mirador Dieguez Olaverri.

If you are looking for something unique to see, we recommend the Momostenango cliffs, which are a set of rocky chains that have been eroded by time, creating a unique natural design in all of Guatemala. The environment is temperate and is ideal for exploring mountain routes. You can visit this place as a point of visit during the route of your trip. Be sure not to miss them.

It is located in the department of Santa Rosa, with an imposing height and length, exceeding 50 meters of fall and more than 20 meters long.

It is an ideal place for camping, campfires and other activities. It has an unparalleled beauty and stands out for having the highest waterfalls in Guatemala. It is not a well known site, so if you want to enjoy peace and tranquility this is your choice.

19 kilometers from Coban is the main entrance to this beautiful Finca Sacmoc. This destination has a beautiful waterfall in the middle of the forest and pools of crystal clear water, you can swim and enjoy this impressive site. It also has lodging options and outdoor rooms.  It is a little known and ideal place to spend a weekend of tranquility in the middle of a green paradise.

As an oasis that evokes peace, in Quiché near the Ixil triangle is the Lemoa Lagoon, a lagoon of crystalline waters that reflect the sky. It is a quiet place and has a series of tunnels that communicate with the lake of Sololá, where it is believed that the Mayas had some kind of communication. You can go canoeing and it is an ideal destination if you are passing through the region.

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