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Visiting Guatemala City is to enter a place full of culture, tradition and a lot of history to know. We would like to recommend 5 places you should visit during your stay in the country.

1. Botanical Garden

It is a botanical garden in Guatemala City. If you like nature and history, this is the place for you. A place specialized in the cultivation and maintenance of different plants. A place to reflect and enjoy a good time in the city.

2. Civic Center

In this place you can find the Bank of Guatemala, the Municipality, the National Theater, the Military Museum among others. The impressive thing is the beautiful facades of these buildings. Undoubtedly, a place full of the history of Guatemala.

3. La Aurora Zoo

A place with a great diversity of animals. Share a pleasant moment with family and friends admiring a natural environment.

4. Relief Map

It is an exact replica to scale of the national territory, made by the engineer Francisco Vela approximately in 1905. You can see all the wonders that exist in Guatemala in one place.

5. Monuments of Las Americas Avenue

Las Americas Avenue is a very visited destination in Guatemala City, besides being an outdoor avenue with space for biking and walking on Sundays, it has a lot of history. In this place you will find different monuments that represent important people and countries from all over the Americas.

6. Plaza Fontabella 

Enjoy a pleasant moment in Plaza Fontabella. A place where you can find international brands for all tastes. International restaurants for all tastes, clothing and accessory stores that match your style, all in an outdoor environment.

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