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Restaurants to enjoy with friends or family

Stay at HF Hotel Fontabella and enjoy the wonderful restaurants that Plaza Fontabella has to offer. Let us recommend you 5 restaurants where you can enjoy during your stay with friends or family. 

  1. Habibi: Restaurant with a unique Mediterranean flavor. Enjoy the delights of Chef George and delight yourself with his international menu. His specialty is the baked octopus that you will love. 
  1. Polanco: The ideal place for a dinner with friends. Good atmosphere and the best mexican menu. Undoubtedly, an extraordinary experience. 
  1. Palermo: Try their exquisite ribs with 3 hours of cooking in firewood to give it a unique smoked flavor. Delight yourself with its argentinean menu with terrace spaces to enjoy the wonderful weather. 
  1. Little India: Try something unique and different with the true flavor of India. An incredible menu that’ll take you to an explosion of flavors. 


  1. Bolgheri: Italian cuisine in a part of Fontabella. Outdoor seating to enjoy an exquisite menu while sharing a pleasant moment with the people you love the most. 

Stay at the hotel that offers everything you were looking for in one place. Make your reservation by calling +502 2305-5900.