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Platforms to plan your business trip

During your stay in a job, the possibility of being part of a business trip is very possible, which includes the management of different tasks and responsibilities to make your trip a success.

People between 18 and 30 years old make an average of 5 business trips per year, so the use of technology to solve problems is a viable option to speed up this procedure. Here are some platforms to help you plan your next trip.


Searching airline pages to find the best flight can be a time-consuming process. Kayak is a travel search engine that will help you find, compare, and book flights, lodging rates, and rental cars. With this platform you can put together your personalized package and track the status of your flight to check if it is late.


If your trip has been scheduled at the last minute, it is common for this to cause problems such as the limited availability of rooms in a hotel, especially if it is high season. LastRoom allows you to check the availability of hotels in the area and has an offer of more than 400 thousand hotels around the world. One of its advantages is that its software is easy to use and is also accessible on the computer and mobile through its application.


Sometimes a trip is made to carry out training, recruitment, interviews, among others. If you are an entrepreneur with a temporary project or a trainer looking for a workspace, this platform offers you the best options of workspaces that you are able to reserve by the hour or by the day in 44 cities. For example, you can reserve training rooms, boardrooms, multipurpose rooms, private offices, etc.


There are times when, during a trip, you have been in the situation of not knowing the cost of the products being sold due to the use of different currencies. Oanda is an application that solves these problems using current exchange rates, converting to almost any currency in the world and, moreover, it can work without the need for a connection.


Being in a different city or country, knowing how to locate within a new area and knowing its traffic. Waze is a tool that informs you in real time of the state of city traffic, which will help you get to important meetings on time. Its interactive interface allows the user to update traffic conditions to let other people know. In this way, it gives you the information you need to take an alternative route.