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Digital platforms to manage your business from home

Minds that go beyond being comfortable with what they have, create and progress based on their knowledge, beginning the journey of entrepreneurship, gradually introducing themselves into the world of business. When you have the help of a large work team where each member takes care of a different action, being easier to manage and distribute the tasks within it, unlike the entrepreneur who starts with very few resources and grows successively.

Today’s digital platforms are a tool that facilitate the management and administration of different actions within a company, whether large or small, they are always available to provide the best service, accelerating the production and sales that your company provides.

Get to know some tools:


It is an app to manage online and physical businesses. It is ideal for managing your business finances, paying bills, reminders to pay bills, or paying credit cards. Make a precise control of expenses and income.

Google Adwords

It is an app to carry out advertising campaigns within the Google online platform. One of the best digital marketing means to publicize your company. Excellent tool to generate online advertising.


It is an e-commerce platform that allows the creation and construction of a website based on WordPress, it is compatible with all types of developers.

Paypal Business

Basic tool for any online business. The difference with a personal account is that it allows payment with credit cards and multi-user access, managing payments even from the mobile.


It is a platform that helps to save time, it will facilitate the search, programming, administration and presentation of reports on the content of social networks.


This platform allows you to create or edit images for your website or for any social network.

These are just a few of many digital platforms that will help you better manage your business from home, including some low cost per service and best of all easy to use.